*Tap* *Tap* Is This Thing On?

Yeah, It’s been all quiet on the western front. We’ve spent the last few weeks cleaning out tumbleweeds.

I guess the first big announcement is that we have a film coming out.

Due to hit YouTube by the year’s end. This is one of the larger, more intensive projects we’ve worked on.

The other, is that we’re aiming to change direction a bit.

Films and online content will take a backseat to more along the lines of music videos.

We will still _do_ films, but music videos will take a precedence.

The second is that “Nuked” is no longer a thing. All production services will be through the Compound Fiasco label.

And lastly, speaking of labels, we’re uh, sorta becoming a record label. Sorta.

While this will basically be more of “a name to slap on stuff that Luke brings out”, much like CFP in it’s infancy, the idea is to expand Compound Fiasco Productions into more of a all encompassing production studio, rather than just films, TV, and web content.

We’re still seeing whether this is viable, and just testing the waters, but let’s see how things go, at least.

Of course, the first artist we’re “signing” is Luke’s crappy-ass punk band, The Limited. First release due out soon

Better late than never!

So if you recall, when we packed the lunch and smacked the arse of our flick “Sour Grapes” and sent it off on the festival circuit, nobody wanted us. Not even online festivals, and some fests just didn’t get back to us at all.

It seems patience really does come to those who wait (and apply at the last minute, apparently), because Sour Grapes is officially being screened at the Made in the West 2014 Film Festival!

Being held on the 27th of November at Paddo RSL, “Made in the West” celebrates local filmmakers and the culture in Sydney and surrounds. The festival is being run by StillSearchin’ Productions and sponsored by the community TV station, TVS.

More info on the event is available at the StillSearchin’ website, is a free event and fI even get to do a press junket, which will be an interesting experience, I’m sure.


Hope to see all of you there!

The CFP Not-so-Daily

Big news over at the Compound Fiasco camp, lately.

First off the rank is that we’re working on a new short, titled “The Doctor Will See You Now”, a post-apocalyptic animated short.

Being animated by Jarrod Elvin of Mick-Macks/Meatbucket, composed once again by Luis Rojas, and the cast (so far) featuring singer/songwriter Helen Perris, Compound Fiasco alumni Daniel Felkai (who appeared in Sour Grapes) and Eleni Dimitriadis. We’re still auditioning, so will update with final cast list once everything’s locked in.

We’re also seeking funding, the details and cost breakdowns of which is over at the campaign page at FundAnything.

– – – –

Secondly, we’re looking to expand our horizons from the humble confines of YouTube and get a program on TVS.

Tentatively titled “Out West”, the show will be various days/times in the life of an up and coming rapper.

We’re currently collaborating with Sydney-based comedian/YouTuber Moe Bulldogs and we’re looking to get a proof of concept/pilot up and running soon.

Compound Fiasco Patreon, Sour Grapes Voiceovers

We’ve jumped on the bandwagon and joined Patreon, basically a long-term kickstarter-type-thing to fund creators, not just specific projects.

Details here

Basically, if you like our shit, donate a couple of bucks to us. It won’t go astray, I assure you.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been looking through our archives and releasing unused content from Sour Grapes. So far, it’s just been voiceovers from Dan Felkai’s recording session, but we’re working on getting videos and stuff up real soon, too! For now, enjoy these offcuts:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/S-Xww-Wis1M?list=UUSDc3RODxMWovcUEwBdz1AA” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/2-wKcrr7WI0?list=UUSDc3RODxMWovcUEwBdz1AA” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

New look!

For those living under a rock in space, it’s 2014. One year away from when we’re meant to have Hoverboards. Cough ’em up, science!

To celebrate, we’ve once again revamped the site. For those into that sort of thing, we’re on the updated version of WordPress, running a theme called “Alexandria” (previous look was Customizr, which was one of the best themes I’ve ever had the pleasure of using). Our goal is to give ourselves a more business-oriented look, without it being too polished and clean cut. We’re still working out the bugs so please bear with us during this time and let us know if anything’s not working how it should.

In the meantime, we finally released “A Literary Meeting” last week. Check it out on the ALM page above or at the embed below!

Gnome Alone

New short up on the YouTubes, titled “Gnoming”.

About 12 months ago, Ash (partner in crime, Sour Grapes’ comic book guy/producer) dumped a whole heap of footage into my lap. These included a few other things I intend to work on before the year’s out. But one of them was “Gnoming”.

I cut the thing together in about two days. In total -not including days away from it, was about a four-day gig and a quick crash-course in Magic Bullet Looks to get to the finished product. Ash is overjoyed with it, which means I get beaten less. (Seriously, he beats me. Send help).

Hope you enjoy.

Happy 2014!

Luke reporting in now that 2013 has been given the boot.

And what a year it has been!

First announcement for the new years is a big one: Sour Grapes has been released on YouTube!

After the screening at the Red Rattler Theatre was a success, Ash and I released Sour Grapes on Christmas Day, 2013 for the lucky people who snuck away from the fanfare and gift-swapping to check their Facebook.

During those six days, we have accumulated over 200 views and it’s steadily rising. Sure, we’re not doing Ray William Johnson business, but still a monumental achievement for me nonetheless.

I wish to thank everyone who supported the flick, from it’s inception, to it’s release. It’s been a hell of a ride. I appreciate anyone who’s looked, liked, linked, or even loathed the flick. The fact you gave it some sort of attention at all means a hell of a lot.

If you haven’t peeked the flick yet, you can check it out at the Sour Grapes page right on this site.

The screening itself went really well. If you didn’t turn up, you missed out. Seriously. We screened “Sour Grapes”, “By Your Side” and “A Literary Meeting”, along with a Sour Grapes Q&A and a  trailer from Dog Eat Hotdog’s upcoming flick “Alex“. HiOP alumni and musician Jordan King-Lacroix opened and closed the show for us and a good night was had by all.

Moving right along…

Terror By Night is still a thing. I promise. The online launch pretty much fell to pieces, but it’s still coming out. It’s looking a bit like Frankenstein’s monster at the moment and I feel it’s in need of a lick of fresh paint. I want to bring out only the best material regardless of the circumstances, so right now TBN will be one of the first things under the scalpel.

We’ll be back at the writing desk for some major projects early February, along with a couple of online-only flicks that CFP may be distributing

2014 for Compound Fiasco will hopefully be a year of productivity and you’ll be definitely seeing more of us in the near future.


Earlier in the year, we worked with Alison Avron and her brother, Toby Flett on the music video for Alison’s song “By Your Side”.

Today it was finally released! Check it out above!

Announcement the Third(and fourth)!

Last big slabs of news from the Compound Fiasco Camp are now announce-able!

The first of which is that we’re shooting our first-ever music video THIS WEEKEND!


Sydney musician Alison Avron (who already mentioned this in her newsletter) is teaming up with us and her brother, Toby Flett, to create a video clip for her single “By Your Side”

Keen as some sort of spicy food condiment to get this off the ground and onto the internet!

The second? We’re finally releasing our second flick, Sour Grapes.


Sour Grapes is set to screen at The Red Rattler in Marrickville, on 21st November.

Tickets will be $10, and the event will include a director Q&A, and two bonus short films.

After this event, the future of Sour Grapes is unknown. Ideally, we’d like to screen it in theatres around the country before it’s inevitable release on YouTube and VOD, but right now we’re weighing up all our options.

the point is, it’s coming out!