Sour Grapes, HiOP2, Other Stuff

Hey kids. Few updates to make in this eye-rubbingly early hour of the morning.

First off I’d like to announce our newest flick, “Sour Grapes”. Which is currently being sent out to many a film festival at the moment. Check it out on the page here.

It is also on Facebook

And hey look! A trailer!

Second point of order is the fate of the not-quite-in-development second season to our debut webseries “Hell is Other People”.

Truth is, it didn’t happen for a myriad of reasons which I won’t get into here. The largest of which is that I simply lost the passion for it. Writing another eight episodes of the same again was something I wanted to do at the time, but nowadays I’d rather try and work on new and exciting things.

Don’t fret though. I do still have ideas for Peter, Leanne, Chris, Mark and company, but it may not be in the format you know and love.

Lastly, currently working on some stuff with Screen Ink Media, which I hopefully will get to talk about very soon.