Sour Grapes ON TOUR! Literary Meeting, The Return of FiascoCast.

Greetings True Believers!*

Sour Grapes (you know, our new flick) is currently being sent around the world to various film festivals. At the moment, we’re hoping to get into:

Sydney Underground Film Festival

Atlantic Film Bestival

New York Film Festival



While we won’t hear back from any until August-December, we are looking at more festivals and ways to get the flick out to as many people as possible.

For now, peek the trailer:

In other news, one tidbit I forgot to add, “A Literary Meeting”, directed by Sour Grapes/HiOP guy Luke Sheehan, has been listed as a finalist for the 2013 My Video Awards, a short film competition run by Australian Art Sales.

Lastly, FiascoCast is RETURNING!

On hiatus due to hectic schedules, our podcast is currently being revamped for download on BandCamp and will be returning with a new host. In addition, Season One will be given a spit-polish, a new theme and will be uploaded for your listening pleasure… If you’re into that sorta thing.

Due to the BandCamp shift, FiascoCast will be “name your price”, for whatever download format/quality you like. So the episodes will still be very much free WITH the option of throwing a couple of bucks our way to fund other projects and future episodes!


*Apologies to Stan Lee