Announcement the Third(and fourth)!

Last big slabs of news from the Compound Fiasco Camp are now announce-able!

The first of which is that we’re shooting our first-ever music video THIS WEEKEND!


Sydney musician Alison Avron (who already mentioned this in her newsletter) is teaming up with us and her brother, Toby Flett, to create a video clip for her single “By Your Side”

Keen as some sort of spicy food condiment to get this off the ground and onto the internet!

The second? We’re finally releasing our second flick, Sour Grapes.


Sour Grapes is set to screen at The Red Rattler in Marrickville, on 21st November.

Tickets will be $10, and the event will include a director Q&A, and two bonus short films.

After this event, the future of Sour Grapes is unknown. Ideally, we’d like to screen it in theatres around the country before it’s inevitable release on YouTube and VOD, but right now we’re weighing up all our options.

the point is, it’s coming out!


More goddamn booms than a Michael Bay movie (Announcement the (actual) Second)

With a new week comes a new slice of news from us.

This has been cooking for a while over the last few days but it was finally made official.

Compound Fiasco Productions is now a proud member of the BOOM Video network!


Boom will now handle all of our YouTube admin stuff, including advertising, revenue, promotion, etc. We retain complete creative control and get to keep makin’ with the funny.

We feel that this is a wonderful opportunity for Compound Fiasco Productions to gain a wider audience and subscriber base and to keep pushing out quality (and sometimes, not-so quality) content.


We hope to have a wonderful and longterm partnership with Boom over the coming months!




Announcement the (not-quite) Second

Sorry to break the already-planned news, but something else has landed on the desk in the last 24 hours.

So officially, Compound Fiasco Productions is pretty much one guy. Namely this guy:

The guy in the oversized shirt, not the duck
No, not the duck.

Sorry to blow our cover, but yeah. Usually when I say “on behalf of” or “we are”, I mean me. I’m speaking on behalf of me, but I’ll be damned if my business cards don’t look cool.

This tenure of being the only putz running the show has come to an end, as -after a lot of deliberation, I’ve partnered up with fellow filmmaker, HiOP alumni, token black friend and self-described charismatic bastard Ash Amin.

We’ve been collaborating on a bunch of stuff now since ‘Hell is Other People’, and eventually my reaction was “fuck it”, and offered him a gig as my fulltime producer, collaborator, and fellow putz.

We’ve got a buncha great stuff happening, so keep your eyes peeled!

Announcement the First

Few big things happening in the Compound Fiasco camp as of late.

The first of three is…. We’re finally bringing a movie out!


Terror By Night is the first of three films we’ll be releasing this year, and the first video since ‘Hell is Other People’ to be released online.

The release date is 10th of October 2013, and will involve the launch of the flick on the CompoundFiasco channel, as well as a Q+A afterward with writer/director Luke Sheehan.

More details are on the event page on Facebook.