Better late than never!

So if you recall, when we packed the lunch and smacked the arse of our flick “Sour Grapes” and sent it off on the festival circuit, nobody wanted us. Not even online festivals, and some fests just didn’t get back to us at all.

It seems patience really does come to those who wait (and apply at the last minute, apparently), because Sour Grapes is officially being screened at the Made in the West 2014 Film Festival!

Being held on the 27th of November at Paddo RSL, “Made in the West” celebrates local filmmakers and the culture in Sydney and surrounds. The festival is being run by StillSearchin’ Productions and sponsored by the community TV station, TVS.

More info on the event is available at the StillSearchin’ website, is a free event and fI even get to do a press junket, which will be an interesting experience, I’m sure.


Hope to see all of you there!

The CFP Not-so-Daily

Big news over at the Compound Fiasco camp, lately.

First off the rank is that we’re working on a new short, titled “The Doctor Will See You Now”, a post-apocalyptic animated short.

Being animated by Jarrod Elvin of Mick-Macks/Meatbucket, composed once again by Luis Rojas, and the cast (so far) featuring singer/songwriter Helen Perris, Compound Fiasco alumni Daniel Felkai (who appeared in Sour Grapes) and Eleni Dimitriadis. We’re still auditioning, so will update with final cast list once everything’s locked in.

We’re also seeking funding, the details and cost breakdowns of which is over at the campaign page at FundAnything.

– – – –

Secondly, we’re looking to expand our horizons from the humble confines of YouTube and get a program on TVS.

Tentatively titled “Out West”, the show will be various days/times in the life of an up and coming rapper.

We’re currently collaborating with Sydney-based comedian/YouTuber Moe Bulldogs and we’re looking to get a proof of concept/pilot up and running soon.