*Tap* *Tap* Is This Thing On?

Yeah, It’s been all quiet on the western front. We’ve spent the last few weeks cleaning out tumbleweeds.

I guess the first big announcement is that we have a film coming out.

Due to hit YouTube by the year’s end. This is one of the larger, more intensive projects we’ve worked on.

The other, is that we’re aiming to change direction a bit.

Films and online content will take a backseat to more along the lines of music videos.

We will still _do_ films, but music videos will take a precedence.

The second is that “Nuked” is no longer a thing. All production services will be through the Compound Fiasco label.

And lastly, speaking of labels, we’re uh, sorta becoming a record label. Sorta.

While this will basically be more of “a name to slap on stuff that Luke brings out”, much like CFP in it’s infancy, the idea is to expand Compound Fiasco Productions into more of a all encompassing¬†production studio, rather than just films, TV, and web content.

We’re still seeing whether this is viable, and just testing the waters, but let’s see how things go, at least.

Of course, the first artist we’re “signing” is Luke’s crappy-ass punk band, The Limited. First release due out soon