Compound Fiasco Productions is a transmedia production company based in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Started in 2006 under the name “Slobninja Productions” -mostly as an-in-joke, the name change came with the release of our debut web-series, “Hell is Other People”, which launched in 2011 to generally favourable reviews and 900 views on YouTube in the first week. The series finished it’s run in mid-2011.

Since HiOP, our next project was the podcast “FiascoCast!”, hosted by Luke Sheehan and Jordan King-Lacroix. The first season ran for five episodes and is available on Last.FM.

In September 2013, Compound Fiasco Productions was signed to the YouTube network Boom Video. One month later, we screened our first short film, “Sour Grapes” at The Red Rattler Theatre.

We are currently working on the distribution of several short films.


To produce and distribute quality audiovisual works both traditionally and via “new media” technologies.


Luke Sheehan – Owner/Operator, Creative Director, Writer/Director


Luke Sheehan is the owner and operator of Compound Fiasco Productions, as well as a filmmaker, podcaster, blogger, sometime musician, and a member of the Australian YouTube Community

After a “quarter life crisis”, Luke wrote a handful of scripts that eventually become “Hell is Other People”, which was released in 2011.

He graduated from the International Film School Sydney as part of the Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media course, during which time he produced several short films and crewed on a handful of others. The films released during this time were “Inconvenienced”, “A Literary Meeting”, “Terror By Night” and “Sour Grapes”.

After film school, Luke has worked on a TV show for community television, a web series, and a handful of short films.

His latest work, “The Doctor Will See You Now” is currently in production.

Luke cites Kevin Smith as his major inspiration, with Neil Gaiman, Trent Reznor and Edgar Wright as close seconds.

Compound Fiasco Productions is a proud supporter of Save Spaces for Aussie Faces