Announcement the (not-quite) Second

Sorry to break the already-planned news, but something else has landed on the desk in the last 24 hours.

So officially, Compound Fiasco Productions is pretty much one guy. Namely this guy:

The guy in the oversized shirt, not the duck
No, not the duck.

Sorry to blow our cover, but yeah. Usually when I say “on behalf of” or “we are”, I mean me. I’m speaking on behalf of me, but I’ll be damned if my business cards don’t look cool.

This tenure of being the only putz running the show has come to an end, as -after a lot of deliberation, I’ve partnered up with fellow filmmaker, HiOP alumni, token black friend and self-described charismatic bastard Ash Amin.

We’ve been collaborating on a bunch of stuff now since ‘Hell is Other People’, and eventually my reaction was “fuck it”, and offered him a gig as my fulltime producer, collaborator, and fellow putz.

We’ve got a buncha great stuff happening, so keep your eyes peeled!