Announcement the Third(and fourth)!

Last big slabs of news from the Compound Fiasco Camp are now announce-able!

The first of which is that we’re shooting our first-ever music video THIS WEEKEND!


Sydney musician Alison Avron (who already mentioned this in her newsletter)┬áis teaming up with us and her brother, Toby Flett, to create a video clip for her single “By Your Side”

Keen as some sort of spicy food condiment to get this off the ground and onto the internet!

The second? We’re finally releasing our second flick, Sour Grapes.


Sour Grapes is set to screen at The Red Rattler in Marrickville, on 21st November.

Tickets will be $10, and the event will include a director Q&A, and two bonus short films.

After this event, the future of Sour Grapes is unknown. Ideally, we’d like to screen it in theatres around the country before it’s inevitable release on YouTube and VOD, but right now we’re weighing up all our options.

the point is, it’s coming out!