Compound Fiasco Productions’ goal is to not only create engaging cinema, but to create high-quality, entertaining online content.

On this page, you’ll find our complete body of work in order of release. The submenu above also shows our featured works.

Current Works

Hell is Other People (web series) (2011)

Lonely Singles (short, parody commercial) (2012)

FiascoCast (podcast) (2012)

By Your Side (music video for Alison Avron) (2013)

Sour Grapes (short) (2013)

Gnoming (short) 2014)

A Literary Meeting (short) (2014)

What Are You Supposed To Be? (music video for Jordan King-Lacroix) (2014)

Salon Altenburg (short) (2015)

Mirrors and Windows (music video for Helen Perris) (2015)

Out West (TV series, 6 episodes) (2015)

Terror By Night (Short) (2016)

Ruku and m* Explains (Podcast) (2015-)

Shenanigans (music video for Shanghai, in collaboration with Well Fed Productions) (2016)

Upcoming Works

Hell is Other People: If It Stinks, We Can Kill It! (short. Post-Production)

The Doctor Will See You Now (animation, short, in production)

Lisa (short, pre-production)