Terror by Night

Get ready for an evolution of the slasher film!

…Okay, not really. But hey, if you’re into that sort of thing, check out our tongues-firmly-pressed-into-cheek take on the genre.


Too-cute couple Heath (Jordan King-Lacroix) and Amy (Cassady Maddox) finally find their first home to share together…With a dark secret.

During their housewarming they come across a locked up old shed. Being the protagonists, they don’t know any better, so they break into the shed and unknowingly unleash a terrifying force of terribleness upon their party guests, and themselves!

Produced in association with the International Film School Sydney as part of their “Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media” program.


Heath – Jordan King-Lacroix
Amy – Cassady Maddox
Mark/Slasher – Chris Lee
Suzanne – Margareta Moir
Leanne – Vanessa Bristow
Bonnie – Stephanie May


Written and Directed by: Luke Sheehan
First Assistant Director: Kayne Taylor
Director of Photography: David Fairhurst
Sound Recordist: Diandra Siahaan, Louis Creagh
Production Assistants: Ande Pax, Kate Grove, Toya Lah, Simon Vannarath
Artwork: Katharine Hawkins