Happy 2014!

Luke reporting in now that 2013 has been given the boot.

And what a year it has been!

First announcement for the new years is a big one: Sour Grapes has been released on YouTube!

After the screening at the Red Rattler Theatre was a success, Ash and I released Sour Grapes on Christmas Day, 2013 for the lucky people who snuck away from the fanfare and gift-swapping to check their Facebook.

During those six days, we have accumulated over 200 views and it’s steadily rising. Sure, we’re not doing Ray William Johnson business, but still a monumental achievement for me nonetheless.

I wish to thank everyone who supported the flick, from it’s inception, to it’s release. It’s been a hell of a ride. I appreciate anyone who’s looked, liked, linked, or even loathed the flick. The fact you gave it some sort of attention at all means a hell of a lot.

If you haven’t peeked the flick yet, you can check it out at the Sour Grapes page right on this site.

The screening itself went really well. If you didn’t turn up, you missed out. Seriously. We screened “Sour Grapes”, “By Your Side” and “A Literary Meeting”, along with a Sour Grapes Q&A and a  trailer from Dog Eat Hotdog’s upcoming flick “Alex“. HiOP alumni and musician Jordan King-Lacroix opened and closed the show for us and a good night was had by all.

Moving right along…

Terror By Night is still a thing. I promise. The online launch pretty much fell to pieces, but it’s still coming out. It’s looking a bit like Frankenstein’s monster at the moment and I feel it’s in need of a lick of fresh paint. I want to bring out only the best material regardless of the circumstances, so right now TBN will be one of the first things under the scalpel.

We’ll be back at the writing desk for some major projects early February, along with a couple of online-only flicks that CFP may be distributing

2014 for Compound Fiasco will hopefully be a year of productivity and you’ll be definitely seeing more of us in the near future.