HiOP: If It Stinks, We Can Kill It

There Goes The Neighbourhood

The one-shot movie spinoff to our debut web series, “Hell is Other People”!

Leanne (Corine Brown) is stuck doing laundry for her slacker housemates. What she discovers, however, is far, far worse than a pair of overworn, unwashed socks…


Corine Brown – Leanne
Jordan King-Lacroix – Peter
Brad Stubbs – Mark
Brendon Berndt – Chris
Simon Vannarath – Simon
Jacqueline Anderton – Sarah
Chris Phoenix Lee – The Big Bad


Luke Sheehan – Writer, Director
Simon Vannarath – Sound Recordist, Editor
Shamin Pakiam – Assistant Camera
Damien Magee – Director of Photography
Josh Butler – Sound Recordist
Bree Williams – Production Manager
Kim Dover – First Assistant Director
Corine Brown, Jacqueline Anderton – Set Design, Props
Chris Phoenix Lee – Puppeteer
Cahly Matheson, Tessa Annells, Luke Sanders, Vivi Sanders, Gemma Baldwin, Chris Phoenix Lee, Tarrant Gibson – Production Assistants
Luis Rojas – Soundtrack

In Loving Memory:

Josh Butler


Kelly-Lee Roberts
Shane Horsfield
Cassady Maddox
Dereck Cameron
Mitchell Cross
Ben Osborne
Alan Anderton